7L2. My new year seven tutor group that I get to look after. Contrary to what I thought about the year 7’s, most of them were really small and kind of sweet actually. I didn’t meet one that I thought was going to be a handful in the near future. They were all really nice, especially the tutor I looked after, and I was nice to them. And get this, the boys in the tutor that I spoke to were really nice and sweet, not like the (excuse me) dicks in my year. I just wanted to go down to their level, look them in the eye and tell them not to change, not to turn into the dicks we have in Year 10. And surprise surprise, who did I meet once I started walking home? One of the dicks that just proved my point with everything that he said.

So all in all, my tutor group are really nice, I helped them find their lockers, helped them put everything into their log books, got Connor his gum shield and calculator, took James to the nurse for his blood testey thing, and took them to their one and only lesson. And that’s were it went wrong, I had a group of people that I took to Tech, I went into the Quad, into the main block, then into he tech block and then into the next Tech block where I dropped off the girl in my group. Then I looked around the corner with the three boys, and T9 wasn’t there. So I asked my friend Sophie and she just laughed at me and said, ‘Katie it’s back in the Quad’. Oh my God, I was so embarrassed. I had to take the boys all the way back to where we’d just come from. The nice thing was though they were really nice about it and didn’t mind at all, one of them just spoke to me about getting a cycle permit. They didn’t take the mick or mind at all which was really sweet.

So, just thought I’d tell you about my little tutor group, who are very nice and sweet. 7L2.


Another thing that will fail….

Now I know what you’re thinking – ‘OMG, what has happened to your life Katie, wtf is that?’ (well you might not be but, I’ll just carry on like you were) well yeah, I was thinking that too when I purchased this little book on Sunday in Waterstones. Now to be honest, I only went into Waterstones to look for a seemingly much more interesting book for my brothers, don’t remember what it was called, something to do with bums? but yeah, that failed. They didn’t have the book so I brought myself one 😀 Geek Girl? Anyway, yes, so I was in the process of buying ‘Geek Girl’ when I saw a whole stack of ‘classics’ for quite cheap I must say. Usually I would take one look at them and go…
I mean, no offence, I mean classics are educationally brilliant but I think they would just be sooooooooo boring to read! Anyway, as I said, I would usually completely ignore them or give them an evil stare but then all the people in the shop think I’m weird…. but this time I looked at them and thought ‘If I don’t do at least some of my targets for this term my tutor is going to personally kill me after my failure between November and March..’ Now lying to her would be so much easier than trying but last time I tried that my parents butted in and said ‘I don’t remember you doing that Katie, wait, you never did’ and then I had three pairs of eyes all staring at me disapprovingly and I just got the same targets again…so that didn’t work. So to cut it short..ish, before you get bored… (and if it’s too late, I’m sorry)I have to read a classic, so I picked the shortest one I could find and paid for it. Now so far, I have read the blurb and I am already confused….
like, I mean, what is this?!?! I am going to attempt to read it though, that will probably fail as if I read the first page of a book and don’t like it I loose interest…but I WILL TRY 😀 I mean


Right, well I shall tell you how it goes, but for now, I suppose I’m going to have to go and read…Now go and eat some chocolate my little ones, because you deserve it after reading that shit hole of a post 😀 xx