Remember Me?


Remember me? Hopefully! There’s no excuse for my lack of posting but after being nagged and nagged by my friend Mia for god knows how long I thought I better show my face.

So what’s happened over the past year? So much! So here’s a quick update:
GCSE’s taken: Chemistry, Maths and ICT
Relationships: Officially two, with two others that were just super confusing, but happy with a boyfriend now.
Countries Visited: New York City in the USA, France, Poland and Germany.
Most Memorable Moment: Auschwitz
I can’t really think what else to say but this year has definitely been a rollercoaster, I’ve been so busy and learnt so much but I’m still the same old Katie at heart. I’m still super excited about Christmas! And I’m still making a fool of myself.

I’ve had GCSE mocks all this week and they’ve turned me slightly mad. I still have another week of them after Christmas but I’m so glad I have a break to recover, or I don’t know what would have happened. During my last mock, English Literature, I managed to hit a new low in my clumsiness. Does that even make sense, I don’t even know. Oh God I’m going to fail English. Not only did I ramble on as usual in my exam, I also wrote an entire paragraph basically calling Eva Smith from An Inspector Calls a prostitute and saying how she was just used by two men for cheap sex. Well done Katie. And to make it even worse, this won’t be marked by an examiner, oh no, but my English teacher of whom loves to embarrass the class at every possible moment. Great. Only last week he told the class of how one of us had written about a Dame from the ‘National Touch-Up’ instead of the ‘National Trust’. So basically I screwed up.

There’s so much I could and should say but I think I’ll keep it sort and sweet for my first post in over a year, mostly because I’ve just managed to accidentally cover myself in glitter (some things never change) but I shall be back soon because lets face it, I’m bound to do something idiotic again.

So goodbye for now my friends! (Oooh and if you have any requests for what you want me to write about please do tell me!)

(Happy now Mia?!)


Confuzzled me.

Two posts today?! WHATTTTT? :O
Yes, yes, I know, don’t like it? Don’t read it. Wait, I’m sorry that was mean, please read it because I need to explain myself. now you just sound like a beg you idiot! SHUT UP!

Yeah so sorry and blah de blah bla. But I have pushed all that stupid emotion stuff that was in my head out and come to a conclusion.

I am a confused little shit.

And I am always going to be. There is no point spending forever writing something emotional when you could spend that hour having fun or fixing your problem. I am just messed up because…well, read this…
Sometimes I’m like…
And other times I’m really emotional and angry/upset. And other times I’m just really deep. I don’t know why, it confuses me. But generally, I’m a really happy person so that’s good. I just have, urm… ‘Katie moments’ Don’t think it helps that I try and take on everyone else’s problems for them and fix them or help that person. I mean for example one of my friends cuts herself and is very depressed but I can’t seem to help her and she won’t, well can’t talk to me properly about it. But I’m so used to being able to sort out problems quite quickly and then that emotion is gone that I think, this is going to sound weird but I think this is effecting me. I’m getting frustrated that I can’t fix it.

So yeah, I think I take on other people’s emotions, whether I’m helping them or trying to or just they’re around me. It’s weird. I’m weird.

So hopefully that explains why an intentionally deepish and perfectly logical post (The Future) when kinda emotional…
So I’m sorry. Maybe I shall do a post on myself next…then you can understand me a bit more and learn to just completely ignore me sometimes or just deal with me.

Yeah, sorry for the second post but I felt like you needed an explination…yeah. So that’s it, you can do something else now. 😀