Remember Me?


Remember me? Hopefully! There’s no excuse for my lack of posting but after being nagged and nagged by my friend Mia for god knows how long I thought I better show my face.

So what’s happened over the past year? So much! So here’s a quick update:
GCSE’s taken: Chemistry, Maths and ICT
Relationships: Officially two, with two others that were just super confusing, but happy with a boyfriend now.
Countries Visited: New York City in the USA, France, Poland and Germany.
Most Memorable Moment: Auschwitz
I can’t really think what else to say but this year has definitely been a rollercoaster, I’ve been so busy and learnt so much but I’m still the same old Katie at heart. I’m still super excited about Christmas! And I’m still making a fool of myself.

I’ve had GCSE mocks all this week and they’ve turned me slightly mad. I still have another week of them after Christmas but I’m so glad I have a break to recover, or I don’t know what would have happened. During my last mock, English Literature, I managed to hit a new low in my clumsiness. Does that even make sense, I don’t even know. Oh God I’m going to fail English. Not only did I ramble on as usual in my exam, I also wrote an entire paragraph basically calling Eva Smith from An Inspector Calls a prostitute and saying how she was just used by two men for cheap sex. Well done Katie. And to make it even worse, this won’t be marked by an examiner, oh no, but my English teacher of whom loves to embarrass the class at every possible moment. Great. Only last week he told the class of how one of us had written about a Dame from the ‘National Touch-Up’ instead of the ‘National Trust’. So basically I screwed up.

There’s so much I could and should say but I think I’ll keep it sort and sweet for my first post in over a year, mostly because I’ve just managed to accidentally cover myself in glitter (some things never change) but I shall be back soon because lets face it, I’m bound to do something idiotic again.

So goodbye for now my friends! (Oooh and if you have any requests for what you want me to write about please do tell me!)

(Happy now Mia?!)


Orangutan spiders, ripped trousers and smokers breath. My life.

Well today. Today was a very strange day let’s just say…lot’s of different things happened. Some funny…some strange.

Well…period 4…French.
We were reading a text, as you do and I saw this word and may have misread it. We’re doing basic French at the moment, as we’ve just started (well started again for me after a year break) so Miss asked us to tell her about Laure. So being the stupid person I am, I said ‘She doesn’t like orangutans!’, Miss just looked at me, it turns out I’d miss read it…the word was ‘araignée’ or something like that…which means spider. Obviously Katie. Arachnid, araignée. Anyway this turned into us laughing for a long time and coming up with an orangutan spider and doing impressions. Yes. I’m weird. It went as far as saying that they would catch bananas in their webs..and then me doing an impression. I am so stupid. But it did make my entire class (there’s only 7 of us and the teacher) laugh for ages and then made Kieran laugh later on in History when he was sad. So it’s all good 😀

Then lunch. It was time for me to be ‘a good Samaritan’. I’m quite proud of my work actually.
At lunch we were in the Quad (square area) and Ben ripped Dom’s trousers while trying to punch him in the ‘goonies’ (Dom’s words not mine). So when Charlotte told me, I just told him to come to tech with me and I’d fix them. My textiles teacher wasn’t in so I found another teacher and asked for a needle and thread. Now I have to be careful how I phrase the next bit because it’s come out in a way it shouldn’t before. Bare with me to the end of the sentence or it will sound weird. I threaded the needle and Dom took his trousers off (see!) AND PUT HIS PE SHORTS ON. (See doesn’t sound too bad now). He did go to the toilets to do it and everything though. Then he came back and gave me his trousers. I had only expected a small rip but it was MASSIVE! From his hip to his knee down the seem! I hadn’t actually cut enough thread off, so I just tacked it, as he had PE next and only needed them to go home in. Thankfully though, as I was cutting some more thread a teacher with a key to the tech room came past and saw me and Dom on the floor and asked what we were doing. I showed her the trousers and she let us into the textiles room to use a sewing machine which was so much better! So yeah, I fixed his trousers 😀 And if I do say so myself, it was quite a good job for something that was rushed, a perfectly straight line that wouldn’t come apart! 😀 So yeah, I fixed then and we went back outside, just to see Niamh fall onto the floor. Hard. It doesn’t sound very funny, but it was!

That’s mostly all of the funny and strange things, except from when I was trying to cheer Kieran up in History. Kieran and Charlotte asked me to tell him a funny story as apparently I’m good at cheering people up? I just call it being weird and hyper but you knowwwww. Anyway so I told him the French story, with actions and everything which made him laugh..a lot, which was good. Then I did my ‘chav’ impression which made him laugh as well, which was good! 😀 So I think I did pretty well!

Oh! And I smelt a smokers breath and it smelled like fruit…not smoke. Random point I know. Turned out he hadn’t had a fag in 3 weeks! I was so proud :’) Oh and by the way, I don’t just go around smelling people’s breath, he was trying to be the wind like Lewis and blew on me…

Open Eveming

Open Eveming. Nope, not a mistake. Today, I was an Open Eveming Guide at my schools open evening for new year 6’s. Everyone got little cards like the ones that the teachers get; it sounds really stupid but I was really excited! I didn’t even notice though until the end of the evening that the card hanging round my neck had my schools name, my picture and the words ‘Open Eveming Guide’. Open EVEMING Guide, what on earth?! Turns out though, that was the least eventful part of my evening…

To start with, the evening was going quite well, I got to school at the right time, gave in some late homework and then came back, signed in, got my pass and was just about to talk to some of my friends when Mr Clayton came and asked me to tour some people round the school. It turns out it was my brothers friend from football and his twin. It all went really well, except the fact that we didn’t get to all the departments and that i couldn’t answer all their questions because I wasn’t in Year 7 at this school. Oh! And my own science teacher, who see’s me 5 times a week didn’t recognize me or my friend Erin! Strange man.

What you want to read about though is the embarrassing parts isn’t it? Laugh at my misfortune. I don’t mind though, everyone else is, including me. Right well, it all started when we were on our way to English at the end of the evening. The people I were touring really wanted to go to English quickly but then saw a light on in the hall and changed their mind. I really didn’t want to go into the hall though because my friend Dan was in there and i knew he would take the mick out of me if he saw me. We went in though and I tried to stay in the background but then my friend Elli sat down behind Dan and he turned around to say hi but Elli was waving at me, so Dan saw me. It was all the ‘HIII KATIEEEE’ in the mocking tone stuff as he came over to talk to me. Neither of us mentioned ‘the picture’ (more about that later) but just had a…nice conversation although we were both thinking about it. Then I asked him what was actually happening in here, so he called the teacher, who i’d never met before over and made me ask her. It was so awkward and he was just standing there smiling the whole time until she went and he burst out laughing. So long story short, I was talking to Dan for ages and he was taking the mick out of me and trying to see the picture on my badge (which he did in the end, *sad face*). Then the conversation about the picture came up when my friends Emma, Ellie and Lily came over. Now let me explain, this picture is very embarrassing Dan had taken a photo of me and Photoshopped a picture of this boy called Max when he was younger onto my face. It is awful. i will not subject you to it because it made me scream. Anyway, talks, mocking, photo. Then Dan started saying about how he needed to meet my brothers and ‘have the talk’ with them. The awful thing is though, they were here as they’re in year 6, and just as I finished saying he would never meet them, they came in with my parents and started waving at me. So naturally Dan said ‘Is that your brother?!’, I just sighed and said ‘Yes, my brothers.’ So he started trying to talk to them about music but they weren’t listening, so I turned James round and said, Dan has something to say. But Dan just laughed, like really laughed. Think he felt a bit awkward… Anyway, then he started telling my parents about how i bully him?!? And they were saying bout how they’d been to see my maths teacher, saying that she said I’m really mean to people in class, especially Dan. I couldn’t even say, ‘he’s not in my class!’ because he is. 😦 That’s not even the most embarrassing part though…that just gives a bit of a back story to the evening and the embarrassment.

The embarrassment really started though when we started packing away. Emma and I went up to history but then got bored and hot so went for a walk outside. During this time we somehow got REALLY hyper…like, too hyper so when we got to a ‘dark alley’ in the school, we started to ‘swag walk’ along it, only to bash into my French teacher at the end…embarrassing much?! I’m dreading French on Tuesday. Then we went to the front of the school, Emma called her parents and then we went to the side of the school and walked up the alley being all hyper and doing our swag walk. It wasn’t until we turned around when we got out of the school to see that there were two boys behind us. Thankfully we didn’t know them though. So we were just waiting outside of school on the main road for Emma’s dad feeling quite hyper. I started twirling and saying about how I would do handstands if I had trousers on and so on. Embarrassing stuff. After a while I got a bit bored and decided that I was going to Jump/Skip/Dance along a small part of the pavement. But just as I finished and started laughing about it, a car started to slow next to us and there was a person leaning out of the window. Then that person started shouting. It was something like ‘Nice dancing Katie!’. It was Dan on his way home. So Embarrassing. Obviously Emma and I laughed hysterically for a long time until her dad picked us up and we had to stop. I’m dreading double Science with Dan on Monday morning.

So all in all ‘Open Eveming’ was very fun, funny and embarrassing.

The Smart One


I was, well am so excited that I think I may die. Not literally, but, I just couldn’t contain my excitement.

You see, I recon I’m one of the dumbest, if not the dumbest person in my maths class. Yes I am in top set and everything, but it doesn’t feel very good to be bottom of the class, especially yesterday when my usually nice teacher embarrassed me in front of my entire class by telling the that I didn’t understand something incredibly simple, when I did, she just had to explain it in a simple way to me. You see she’d been doing all this fancy stuff on the board without actually telling me what it was and then after telling me what it was and I understood, she decided to go and tell my whole class that I didn’t get it. Thanks Miss. Not that I’m bitter about it or anything though…



TODAY (yes, capitals, that serious.)





I did go on about it for pretty much the entire day and tell everyone…which in hindsight may have been a bit mean and annoying…but everyone was just as shocked as me, and didn’t seem to mind, and neither did she, I think she was just happy for me, she just laughed about it with me and we spoke for ages in Science later but OMG.


I’m sorry this post wasn’t very interesting but it had to be done, I’m just extremely proud of myself, which believe me, doesn’t happen much. I will try to write something better later, but for now…enjoy this hedgehog 😀


7L2. My new year seven tutor group that I get to look after. Contrary to what I thought about the year 7’s, most of them were really small and kind of sweet actually. I didn’t meet one that I thought was going to be a handful in the near future. They were all really nice, especially the tutor I looked after, and I was nice to them. And get this, the boys in the tutor that I spoke to were really nice and sweet, not like the (excuse me) dicks in my year. I just wanted to go down to their level, look them in the eye and tell them not to change, not to turn into the dicks we have in Year 10. And surprise surprise, who did I meet once I started walking home? One of the dicks that just proved my point with everything that he said.

So all in all, my tutor group are really nice, I helped them find their lockers, helped them put everything into their log books, got Connor his gum shield and calculator, took James to the nurse for his blood testey thing, and took them to their one and only lesson. And that’s were it went wrong, I had a group of people that I took to Tech, I went into the Quad, into the main block, then into he tech block and then into the next Tech block where I dropped off the girl in my group. Then I looked around the corner with the three boys, and T9 wasn’t there. So I asked my friend Sophie and she just laughed at me and said, ‘Katie it’s back in the Quad’. Oh my God, I was so embarrassed. I had to take the boys all the way back to where we’d just come from. The nice thing was though they were really nice about it and didn’t mind at all, one of them just spoke to me about getting a cycle permit. They didn’t take the mick or mind at all which was really sweet.

So, just thought I’d tell you about my little tutor group, who are very nice and sweet. 7L2.

Year 7’s.

Year 7.
We’ve all been there, the year where we go from being top of the school to bottom. The year everyone’s blazers are too big and everything is too smart to start with. The year cliques start. The year all those ‘games’ that were played in primary are deemed not cool. The only year skirts are of an acceptable length. The year everyone finds their place. The year everything changes.

The year I’m going to be in charge of tomorrow.

Yes, I’m going to be ‘looking after’ the new Year 7’s tomorrow. I can’t believe what I have gotten myself into. I have to meet them in the quad, take them to assembly and then stay with them in their tutors all day until I take them to their one and only lesson at 2:05 and then go home. Exciting.
I mean I cannot contain my excitement, when I got the letter, asking for my help well, let’s just say I was screaming…with excitement…not anger…

Yes, I’ve been trying to look on the flip-side of things. So I am now looking at it as I won’t be looking after them. I will be putting them in their place. At the bottom. Now I am sorry to any Year 7’s out there but it’s true, Year 7’s are at the bottom of the school. We’ve been getting quite a few cocky Year 7’s, I mean, they get cockier and cockier. hehe, cockier.


Year 7’s. They always get bullied by Year 8, because well, it happened to the Year 8’s the year before. That’s just the way it works, like a tradition. So tomorrow I am going to sus out the cocky ones. I mean, I won’t be mean but you see, some Year 7’s are just SO ANNOYING. They need to know that they’re not the head of the school anymore.


So in conclusion, Year 7’s. Be nice, but make sure they know the don’t own the school anymore. You have to work your way up. I shall be nice because it’s nerve racking, your first day, but if they step out of line…they will be put in their place.

(I’m very sorry if anyone was offend by this. I did not mean to offend anyone. And if you’re starting Year 7, it’s not scary, really. Just don’t be too cocky or step put of line. xx)

Confuzzled me.

Two posts today?! WHATTTTT? :O
Yes, yes, I know, don’t like it? Don’t read it. Wait, I’m sorry that was mean, please read it because I need to explain myself. now you just sound like a beg you idiot! SHUT UP!

Yeah so sorry and blah de blah bla. But I have pushed all that stupid emotion stuff that was in my head out and come to a conclusion.

I am a confused little shit.

And I am always going to be. There is no point spending forever writing something emotional when you could spend that hour having fun or fixing your problem. I am just messed up because…well, read this…
Sometimes I’m like…
And other times I’m really emotional and angry/upset. And other times I’m just really deep. I don’t know why, it confuses me. But generally, I’m a really happy person so that’s good. I just have, urm… ‘Katie moments’ Don’t think it helps that I try and take on everyone else’s problems for them and fix them or help that person. I mean for example one of my friends cuts herself and is very depressed but I can’t seem to help her and she won’t, well can’t talk to me properly about it. But I’m so used to being able to sort out problems quite quickly and then that emotion is gone that I think, this is going to sound weird but I think this is effecting me. I’m getting frustrated that I can’t fix it.

So yeah, I think I take on other people’s emotions, whether I’m helping them or trying to or just they’re around me. It’s weird. I’m weird.

So hopefully that explains why an intentionally deepish and perfectly logical post (The Future) when kinda emotional…
So I’m sorry. Maybe I shall do a post on myself next…then you can understand me a bit more and learn to just completely ignore me sometimes or just deal with me.

Yeah, sorry for the second post but I felt like you needed an explination…yeah. So that’s it, you can do something else now. 😀