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My name is Katie and I’m English, British whatever you want to call it. I live in a part of South England that I call the country side, it’s not really that country sidey, I mean there is a few towns nearby and it’s not like we’re cut off from civilisation, only have country roads, drive tractors to school and say ‘ooh-ar-ooh-ar’ but it’s pretty different to what I’m used to. You see, dear reader, I used to live in a busy part of South London where people use slang, swear and walk around like they have a limp. Haven’t painted a very good picture of it there have I? I mean, I love where I used to live, just to the untrained eye, it may look…how do I put this nicely? A bit rough. Summer of 2012 though, I swapped all the slang to correct grammar, swearing to ‘oh no!’ and the ‘gangstas’ walking around like they had a limp to wannabe gangstas that are much more cringey. Yes, I moved! My parents chose to move with my mums job and thats how I ended up here, in the semi-countryside.

What else can I say about me? Well, as you can probably tell from the last paragraph, I ramble on quite a bit, and sometimes drift off into my own world where everything I say makes sense leaving everyone else behind to be confused or hang theirselves of boredom. I’m quite clumsy, but usually quite hyper and can do things that make you think ‘how on…why on…omg Katie, do you have no common sense?’. I like to laugh and be happy but I can have very sad and depressing moments. The sun makes me happy.

Right well, if you’ve read this far, I congratulate you for not trying to kill yourself already. But I’ll shut up now and if for some unknown reason you want to know more or what kind of stuff I do then read my posts ๐Ÿ˜€


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