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Orangutan spiders, ripped trousers and smokers breath. My life.

Well today. Today was a very strange day let’s just say…lot’s of different things happened. Some funny…some strange.

Well…period 4…French.
We were reading a text, as you do and I saw this word and may have misread it. We’re doing basic French at the moment, as we’ve just started (well started again for me after a year break) so Miss asked us to tell her about Laure. So being the stupid person I am, I said ‘She doesn’t like orangutans!’, Miss just looked at me, it turns out I’d miss read it…the word was ‘araignée’ or something like that…which means spider. Obviously Katie. Arachnid, araignée. Anyway this turned into us laughing for a long time and coming up with an orangutan spider and doing impressions. Yes. I’m weird. It went as far as saying that they would catch bananas in their webs..and then me doing an impression. I am so stupid. But it did make my entire class (there’s only 7 of us and the teacher) laugh for ages and then made Kieran laugh later on in History when he was sad. So it’s all good 😀

Then lunch. It was time for me to be ‘a good Samaritan’. I’m quite proud of my work actually.
At lunch we were in the Quad (square area) and Ben ripped Dom’s trousers while trying to punch him in the ‘goonies’ (Dom’s words not mine). So when Charlotte told me, I just told him to come to tech with me and I’d fix them. My textiles teacher wasn’t in so I found another teacher and asked for a needle and thread. Now I have to be careful how I phrase the next bit because it’s come out in a way it shouldn’t before. Bare with me to the end of the sentence or it will sound weird. I threaded the needle and Dom took his trousers off (see!) AND PUT HIS PE SHORTS ON. (See doesn’t sound too bad now). He did go to the toilets to do it and everything though. Then he came back and gave me his trousers. I had only expected a small rip but it was MASSIVE! From his hip to his knee down the seem! I hadn’t actually cut enough thread off, so I just tacked it, as he had PE next and only needed them to go home in. Thankfully though, as I was cutting some more thread a teacher with a key to the tech room came past and saw me and Dom on the floor and asked what we were doing. I showed her the trousers and she let us into the textiles room to use a sewing machine which was so much better! So yeah, I fixed his trousers 😀 And if I do say so myself, it was quite a good job for something that was rushed, a perfectly straight line that wouldn’t come apart! 😀 So yeah, I fixed then and we went back outside, just to see Niamh fall onto the floor. Hard. It doesn’t sound very funny, but it was!

That’s mostly all of the funny and strange things, except from when I was trying to cheer Kieran up in History. Kieran and Charlotte asked me to tell him a funny story as apparently I’m good at cheering people up? I just call it being weird and hyper but you knowwwww. Anyway so I told him the French story, with actions and everything which made him laugh..a lot, which was good. Then I did my ‘chav’ impression which made him laugh as well, which was good! 😀 So I think I did pretty well!

Oh! And I smelt a smokers breath and it smelled like fruit…not smoke. Random point I know. Turned out he hadn’t had a fag in 3 weeks! I was so proud :’) Oh and by the way, I don’t just go around smelling people’s breath, he was trying to be the wind like Lewis and blew on me…


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