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Open Eveming

Open Eveming. Nope, not a mistake. Today, I was an Open Eveming Guide at my schools open evening for new year 6’s. Everyone got little cards like the ones that the teachers get; it sounds really stupid but I was really excited! I didn’t even notice though until the end of the evening that the card hanging round my neck had my schools name, my picture and the words ‘Open Eveming Guide’. Open EVEMING Guide, what on earth?! Turns out though, that was the least eventful part of my evening…

To start with, the evening was going quite well, I got to school at the right time, gave in some late homework and then came back, signed in, got my pass and was just about to talk to some of my friends when Mr Clayton came and asked me to tour some people round the school. It turns out it was my brothers friend from football and his twin. It all went really well, except the fact that we didn’t get to all the departments and that i couldn’t answer all their questions because I wasn’t in Year 7 at this school. Oh! And my own science teacher, who see’s me 5 times a week didn’t recognize me or my friend Erin! Strange man.

What you want to read about though is the embarrassing parts isn’t it? Laugh at my misfortune. I don’t mind though, everyone else is, including me. Right well, it all started when we were on our way to English at the end of the evening. The people I were touring really wanted to go to English quickly but then saw a light on in the hall and changed their mind. I really didn’t want to go into the hall though because my friend Dan was in there and i knew he would take the mick out of me if he saw me. We went in though and I tried to stay in the background but then my friend Elli sat down behind Dan and he turned around to say hi but Elli was waving at me, so Dan saw me. It was all the ‘HIII KATIEEEE’ in the mocking tone stuff as he came over to talk to me. Neither of us mentioned ‘the picture’ (more about that later) but just had a…nice conversation although we were both thinking about it. Then I asked him what was actually happening in here, so he called the teacher, who i’d never met before over and made me ask her. It was so awkward and he was just standing there smiling the whole time until she went and he burst out laughing. So long story short, I was talking to Dan for ages and he was taking the mick out of me and trying to see the picture on my badge (which he did in the end, *sad face*). Then the conversation about the picture came up when my friends Emma, Ellie and Lily came over. Now let me explain, this picture is very embarrassing Dan had taken a photo of me and Photoshopped a picture of this boy called Max when he was younger onto my face. It is awful. i will not subject you to it because it made me scream. Anyway, talks, mocking, photo. Then Dan started saying about how he needed to meet my brothers and ‘have the talk’ with them. The awful thing is though, they were here as they’re in year 6, and just as I finished saying he would never meet them, they came in with my parents and started waving at me. So naturally Dan said ‘Is that your brother?!’, I just sighed and said ‘Yes, my brothers.’ So he started trying to talk to them about music but they weren’t listening, so I turned James round and said, Dan has something to say. But Dan just laughed, like really laughed. Think he felt a bit awkward… Anyway, then he started telling my parents about how i bully him?!? And they were saying bout how they’d been to see my maths teacher, saying that she said I’m really mean to people in class, especially Dan. I couldn’t even say, ‘he’s not in my class!’ because he is. 😦 That’s not even the most embarrassing part though…that just gives a bit of a back story to the evening and the embarrassment.

The embarrassment really started though when we started packing away. Emma and I went up to history but then got bored and hot so went for a walk outside. During this time we somehow got REALLY hyper…like, too hyper so when we got to a ‘dark alley’ in the school, we started to ‘swag walk’ along it, only to bash into my French teacher at the end…embarrassing much?! I’m dreading French on Tuesday. Then we went to the front of the school, Emma called her parents and then we went to the side of the school and walked up the alley being all hyper and doing our swag walk. It wasn’t until we turned around when we got out of the school to see that there were two boys behind us. Thankfully we didn’t know them though. So we were just waiting outside of school on the main road for Emma’s dad feeling quite hyper. I started twirling and saying about how I would do handstands if I had trousers on and so on. Embarrassing stuff. After a while I got a bit bored and decided that I was going to Jump/Skip/Dance along a small part of the pavement. But just as I finished and started laughing about it, a car started to slow next to us and there was a person leaning out of the window. Then that person started shouting. It was something like ‘Nice dancing Katie!’. It was Dan on his way home. So Embarrassing. Obviously Emma and I laughed hysterically for a long time until her dad picked us up and we had to stop. I’m dreading double Science with Dan on Monday morning.

So all in all ‘Open Eveming’ was very fun, funny and embarrassing.


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