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Year 7’s.

Year 7.
We’ve all been there, the year where we go from being top of the school to bottom. The year everyone’s blazers are too big and everything is too smart to start with. The year cliques start. The year all those ‘games’ that were played in primary are deemed not cool. The only year skirts are of an acceptable length. The year everyone finds their place. The year everything changes.

The year I’m going to be in charge of tomorrow.

Yes, I’m going to be ‘looking after’ the new Year 7’s tomorrow. I can’t believe what I have gotten myself into. I have to meet them in the quad, take them to assembly and then stay with them in their tutors all day until I take them to their one and only lesson at 2:05 and then go home. Exciting.
I mean I cannot contain my excitement, when I got the letter, asking for my help well, let’s just say I was screaming…with excitement…not anger…

Yes, I’ve been trying to look on the flip-side of things. So I am now looking at it as I won’t be looking after them. I will be putting them in their place. At the bottom. Now I am sorry to any Year 7’s out there but it’s true, Year 7’s are at the bottom of the school. We’ve been getting quite a few cocky Year 7’s, I mean, they get cockier and cockier. hehe, cockier.


Year 7’s. They always get bullied by Year 8, because well, it happened to the Year 8’s the year before. That’s just the way it works, like a tradition. So tomorrow I am going to sus out the cocky ones. I mean, I won’t be mean but you see, some Year 7’s are just SO ANNOYING. They need to know that they’re not the head of the school anymore.


So in conclusion, Year 7’s. Be nice, but make sure they know the don’t own the school anymore. You have to work your way up. I shall be nice because it’s nerve racking, your first day, but if they step out of line…they will be put in their place.

(I’m very sorry if anyone was offend by this. I did not mean to offend anyone. And if you’re starting Year 7, it’s not scary, really. Just don’t be too cocky or step put of line. xx)


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