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So I’m thinking as it’s half term, and sunny outside I may be forgiven for not doing a storytime Tuesday this week (please?) and that I may also be forgiven for not posting….I have no excuse other than homework and that stupid thing called ‘life’ taking up too much of my time. So…..yeah, I’m sorry. Oh yeah, and sorry to Mia (ya know, South London Mia?) for not posting about MY AMAZING WEEKEND! But to make it up to her, I shall write about my weekend and some other shit in this post….YAY (and boo for all those of you that don’t like reading a lot.)

Now, cast your minds back to Friday the…urm….*check calender* 17th May 2013 (yeah I know, a long time, but I did apologise!) and that is where our story begins…
(why a weird bear thing Katie? SHUT UP! IT SAYS MYSTICAL!)
You know what, I’m not an old Granny sitting in a rocking chair with a blanket talking to children…I’m just going to say what happened.

Friday 17th May
Was supposed to go to Mia’s to sleep – she was too tired so stayed at Nan and Grandads – Nan and Grandad were happy, Katie was glad to see them.
Brother couldn’t sleep on the blow up bed downstairs so had to give him my bed and go and sleep on the blow up one.

Saturday 18th May
Mum and brother (the one that had stolen my bed!) came down at like 6:30 and started making TEA! I mean come on! They woke me up by being loud; grunted at everyone that came downstairs then progressed to growling.
Waited till 7:30 then go up, washed my hair, got dressed and went to Mia’s (late as usual…)
GOT TO MIAS! *waits for Mia to be ready*
TRAIN STATION! and that’s when everything starts…
Mia’s mum had given her a credit card that didn’t work…so me and Mia had to go all the way back to Mia’s to get the other one (only like 5, 10 minutes away but YA KNOW) When we had to right one we went back, cue hugs cos I haven’t seen some of these people in like 9 months :O
Finally we were all together, we got our tickets (luckily I got mine after Mia because she only got her recipt and forgot the actual ticket so I gave hers to her, idiot.) and went to the platform.
Got to London Bridge, cue BIG PROBLEM.
Sophie (the smart one with the plan) put her ticket in the barrier to get through the barrier things at London Bridge but it swollowed her ticket which she still needed :O So we asked the man why and said we needed it and as it turned out…we’d all got the wrong ticket! But by this time more of us had gone through; the man was really kind though and gave us our tickets back and told us where to go to change them into travel cards, so we thanked him and bounded over. The lady that was going to change our tickets wasn’t that impressed though, she couldnt believe that all of us had made the same mistake…well I mean it is us…we are teenagers. Anyway we changed our tickets and got through! *yay* all except Joanitah who had thought her ticket was changed when it really wasn’t. So in the end we made her pay for a travel card and then we were on our way 😀
Turned out we couldn’t get to Oxford Circus from London Bridge…so we went to Bond Street Station (still on Oxford Sreet) On the way though, Hannah had started to fell really ill so when we got to Oxford Street the first thing we had to do was find her a bathroom.
It turned out that the nearest one was in Selfridges…yes the very famous, very exxpensive posh shop! We had no choice though, so we went into Selfridges trying not to be too stunned. As soon as we got in the door, Mia turned to me and said ‘Ever get the feeling you don’t fit in?’ and I just nodded, it was so true, I’d ben thinking the exact same thing.
Well so I’ll quickly skip over the next bit…went to the toilets, Hannah was sick…(yes! in Selfridges!) then we went to find her some green tea.
Went to the other end of Oxford Street, got Hannah some green tea, had some McDonnals/KFC, I had an ice cream, yay 😀
Hannah was still feeling sick though so in the end she went home on the bus, yes, from London, on her own! Yes, we may be mean, but we needed to shop and she insisted.
Sophie and Laurel stayed with her until the bus came but we went off, see I found out that no one except Sophie likes Laurel, so yeah…
Met Sophie and Laurel, they got bored, well Laurel got bored and they went off.
Then we thought, we’ve done enough and this is too big, we didn’t know where everything was, so we went to McDonnals to get a drink and then called Laurel and Sophie to meet up with us.
Then more trouble…Laurel kept answering Sophie’s phone and would’t let us speak to Sophie, she was quite abrupt and mean and then she was really mean to Elda and swore at her, I mean, nuh uh!
So we went home (they’d said we could before the mean-ness) without them.
Shopped some more on the high street back where we lived, well..sadness…where they live and I lived 😦
Then Mia got her eyebrows done! OMG it was so funny, but the woman cut her! :O I’ll have to put the pictures up on my next post if Mia wil let me…(she won’t :()
Yeah, then we shopped, found Miaa new hair colour and then said goodbye because me and Mia were late, so we went back to Mia’s and showed her mum what we’d got 😀
Then we went to the co-op and then my dad picked me up and took me back to my nans as I had a party to go to.

PHEW! Long post! So that was my Saturday with all my old friends, I shall write about the party and Sunday in another post for anyone that wants to read it. This one is already very long though so, take a break, have a cuppa tea and a biccy and I shall write the rest for you 😀


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