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Yes you may kill me…

Sorry, sorry, sorry sorry and sorry. Now yes you may kill me, I give you full permision, however it’s not really my fault… yeah yeah yeah excuses excuses!
Well I haven’t done my storytime so maybe I’ll make my excuse into a story, yes I’ll do that šŸ˜€ SO…STORYTIME!
Once apon a time, there was a girl named Katie yay me, I’m in a story šŸ˜€ and she had a very nice laptop, however being the clumsy person she was, this laptop went through a lot…
Firstly, (a while back) she placed it in her car boot for the trip back to her hometown, maybe not in exactly the right position – although she blames the fact that it moved during the car journey. So while she was in the hairdressers with her brothers on the high street near where she used to live, her mother went out to the car to get her purse out the boot and well, lets just say…
Katie’s laptop fell onto the road and SMASHED! Well not fully smashed, it just had a few dents in it on the outside but luckily, it still worked! So Katie was alright, until…
DUN DUN DUN! Katie was putting her laptop down one day and it ‘fell’ out of her hand and onto the floor :O Now you would think that it would be okay, it’s fallen on a road! It’s like super computer! Oh no…this time it fell onto the cable while the cable was still in the laptop. Now Katie was so scared that her laptop’s luck would have run out, but thankfully it didn’t…Well not until a few weeks after anyway.
One day, Katie was trying to charge her laptop and it wouldn’t charge so she looked inside the hole that the charger plugs into and she could tell something was wrong, out of place. Katie wanted to get it fixed, but she couldn’t until her mum went to ‘the Lab’ at work the next week, so all she could do was wait. Now that is the story of why Katie hasn’t been posting for a while, she broke her laptop because she is a very clumsy person. The moral of the story?

Yes, so now that you’ve heard my story, you may kill me if you think that is needed but I would advise against it…
Now sleep well little ones and I shall write about something more interesting another day, but now I have to go because I am watching The Vampire Diaries and I have a maths exam tomorrow. Night Night šŸ˜€


3 thoughts on “Yes you may kill me…

  1. awww hope your laptop is okay. and I didnt know you watch TVD!! OHMIGODD have have you seen the season finale promo?!

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