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I didn’t actually mean to do it, it was an accident, I swear to you, but no one will believe me, I mean its my word against, well that picture. So I just thought I’d write my last blog before I go away for a while, I don’t think they have computers in juvenile detention centres, well I don’t know really, I guess I’ll see tomorrow, won’t I? So my last post…

roy lichtenstein crying girl 1964

No. Now go to a mirror and say ‘you absolute idiot.’. If any of you thought that I’d burnt my school down and then taken a picture
And if you thought I would be spending my last day of freedom writing a post on my blog and not spending it with my family and friends then… No that’s just mean, shut up Katie.
😀 So yes, my school didn’t burn down, nothing that dramatic, but the fire alarm did go off though, and it wasn’t a drill, but with a twist. 😉
OMG I should do that! On Tuesday’s my post should be storytime! Anyone who’s out there, yes or no to storytime Tuesdays?
ANYWAY, back to Storytime 😀
It was a sunny Monday afternoon (I so should have written this yesterday instead of that crappy book post…) and I was in English doing something about slang? I think. Oh well that’s not important – YES, SO…
I was sitting in English, doing my work (well kind of…) and then, IT HIT ME.
No again. What is wrong with you today? 😉 No the smell hit me, like when you suddenly understand why your brother had a sly grin on his face. Yes, it was bad. So I turned to ‘me little bud Nathan’
(Yes, I did just take the mick that he’s ginger, clever person 😉 but it’s okay cos he takes the mick out of himself anyway, but just to say I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST GINGER PEOPLE! some of the closest people to me are ginger)
Yes, so, where was I, ah yes! I turned to Nathan and this is how the conversation went:
Me: “Can you smell smoke? Like smokers smoke? Like you know what smokers smell like?”
Nathan: “yeah, my brother smokes”
Me: “Yeah well I can smell smokers smoke!”
You can probably guess what happened next (but don’t or it will ruin it!). The fire alarm went off. Before I carry on with the story though, I think I should tell you a tinsey bit about this fire alarm. It is the quietest most calm thing in the world. The first time it ever went off when I was at the school, everyone stood up silently like zombies and started to walk out the room, and there was me, packing up because I thought it was the end of the lesson. Yes, weird school, their fire alarm sounds like my old change over lessons bell and their change over lessons bell sounds like my old fire alarm…I’m not even going to go into what happened the first time I heard the change over lessons bell.

Yes, so the fire alarm went off, everyone got up and left using the back door to go to the MUGA (Multi Use Games Area, not person who steals from you, yes, I did think that too to start with, don’t worry). Now me and Nathan were walking silently together for about, ooh, 10 seconds, then we burst out laughing.
(^Click on it please :D)
We burst out laughing, not only because of how funny the coincidence that it went off straight after I’d said that was but also because Alex has walked into a very visible bin bless him. Mostly the fact that the fire alarm went off straight after I’d said that though. We laughed all the way to the MUGA, and all the way back. I guess there’s only two things left to say though, the first one being that the school thought it was a dodgey alarm but it was actually my next door neighbour holding his lighter up to the fire alarm in the library. And the final thing to say, that no story can end without…And they all lived retardedly ever after. The end.


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