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The Noise in the Night….oooo

Now I know that everyone hears noises in the night, I do to, and usually they have no effect on me at all; I’m used to noises in the night after living next to a main road in South London, where police cars like to blare their sirens out at all hours of the night. So I’m used to all kinds of noises in the night. One noise I’m not used to though, is the sound of a burglar alarm blaring at 00:37 at night.
Just to make it clear before anyone jumps to conclusions though, we did not get burgled, the alarm just went off. This is what happened….
At 00:37, I woke up, which kind of surprised me as I didn’t actually remember falling asleep…but yes, so I woke up to a REALLY loud noise. For a while I thought it was my dad watching tv downstairs but as I woke up a bit more I realised it was the burglar alarm. Now I realise that most normal people would jump out of bed and run to their parents, but nah ah, not moi, I lay in my bed thinking ‘REALLY?! for fucks sake, that’s so noisy, can’t I get any sleep around here?!?’. And then it just kept going on until my dad finally fixed it, but it still kept making small beepy noises now and again, I was like grrrrrrrrrrr! but I did get back to sleep pretty easily 😀

Right so next morning I asked my dad what happened and he just said that something went wrong and he had no idea what, so I just said ‘ahh, alright’ and started to walk off but then he called me back and asked me why I didn’t ‘leap’ out of bed. Now this is a very interesting question because I was so sleepy and not awake that I really didn’t know so I just told him that.
So now my father is concerned what will happen if the smoke alarm goes off and I don’t wake up…so yeah…but ON THE BRIGHT SIDE I worked out why I didn’t get up 😀 For 5 reasons 😀
1. I don’t ‘leap’ out of bed for no one
2. I didn’t really realise what was happening because I was still half asleep
3. As I now live in the ‘countryness’ I don’t expect anyone to break in and burgle me so I didn’t think we were actually being burgled
4. I’m just a retard 😀
5. I don’t ‘leap’ out of bed for no one

So yes, that was the long, rambling version of why I’m tired today, why I’m not normal and the noise in the night.


2 thoughts on “The Noise in the Night….oooo

  1. haha GOOD.. pfft please burglaries in the countryside? you should’ve told your dad that you’re a south-londoner and that you didnt get up because you have a knife under your pillow to stab any burglar with!

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