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Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those people that goes around depressed all the time, I’m usually quite hyper upbeat and happy. I am only human though and sometimes I do have really depressing days or evenings where I’m just…sad. It was during one of these sad moments when I thought of what I am about to write, so for anyone out there, here’s my…observation.

There is not a day when I look around and not see depression. I look around and it is everywhere. People are unhappy, distraught, broken hearted, and suicidal. Yes there is happiness, but that’s on the inside. You can look at someone and they appear to be happy, but when you really look, you look into their eyes you can see a pain, a pain that is not being expressed and that is the worst. People being upset and telling someone about it is hard enough to deal with but when you look in that persons eyes who you know is distraught on the inside but covers it up, that is the worst. So you see, sadness is everywhere, there may be some days when it goes away, but not for long, there will always be pain inside, pulling at you and never going away. Yes you can try to talk to someone, someone you trust and it may help a bit, they might be able to help you fix it, but not always. There is always someone that you know who is going through a tough time, has had something happen to them or is just depressed. There is never a minute when someone you know is not sad. Sad isn’t it?

So for anyone out there. There you go. Think about that.


4 thoughts on “Depression

  1. Yeah, most of time I look really…content, but I have moments where I just cannot hold my sadness, I know my friends see it…No matter how much I try and hide it, it somehow shines through very well.

    • Yeah, I get that too, it’s easier to tell when I’m upset though because it’s one of the one times that I’m quiet :S But yeah, I don’t want to impose but from experience, things get better if you talk to someone, someone you can trust. Sometimes it’s just the relief of telling someone and sometimes they can help or comfort you…seeing someone upset is such a sad thing, I mean I have one friend who is suicidal, depressed and self harms but doesn’t tell anyone, it’s horrible to watch. I’m sure that any of your friends would be there for you when you need them because watching someone try to be happy when there not, is as I said, one of the sadest things. Sorry, kind of rambled on and imposed there…I’m gonna shut up now, sorry.

      • Aha, its fine. Rambling is fun anyway 😀 Yeah, a lot of my friends are a lot more depressed than I actually thought…I was really surprised, I mean, ‘offline’ meaning in school they seem very…well, happy, but when I see them online, like on Twitter or Facebook it is amazing how much they change…

      • It is 😀 Yeah, I have friends like that, it’s horrible. So many people seem to be depressed these days 😦 Well if you don’t want to bother your already depressed friends with your problems I’m always here if you just need someone to talk to.

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