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Now I’m one of those people that happens to embarrass themselves quite a lot, but this week I managed to do it three days in a row, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Right, Tuesday…
Well, me and a boy from my school called Josh were taking the netbooks (mini laptops) back to one of the teachers in history, carrying about about 6/7 netbooks each up about 3 flights of stairs. When we finally got there we put them down on the top of the cabinet so that we could open the cupboard that they are stored in. I was opening the individual drawers with chargers at the back one at a time while Josh was handing me the netbook and then there was this massive CRASH! And then before I knew it 3 of the netbooks that I had placed on the cabinet slid and fell on the floor! Right in front of the entire class (that was our year) and everything! The history teacher was so surprised and told us to ‘seriously, be careful’, on the upside though, she said it wasn’t my fault but everyone had already seen it! The actual reason that they fell off was because they weren’t stacked correctly, I don’t even remember if I stacked them though, or if someone else did! I dont even know if they’re broken or not, I just put them in the trays and walked out with Josh, who was laughing his head off at me! Embarrassment!

Next Wednesday…
Well I wasn’t sure if I should write about what happened on Wednesday on here, but my friend from South London, Mia (http://okaaythen.wordpress.com/) assures me that I should, so here goes. I’m taking textiles for a GCSE and in textiles we had to measure our hips, waist and boobs for measurements for our corsets that we’re making. Once we’d done that Miss read out what size templates that we would need according to what size our boobs were because they’re the biggest part. She was reading things like 30 inches and everything all the way up to like 34 and then Tori said ‘whats 38?’ and everyone thought she had really big boobs. People were having ‘heart attacks’ though because people who are usually size 6 were being told they were like a 10 or 12 because the sizes are fucked.

Well yeah so miss said is there anyone who needs anything that I havent read out at which point I burst out laughing, she came over and I was like, mine measure 42 inches maybe 43 and she looked on it and went
omg2 ‘I’m sorry but we dont actually have a template big enough to fit your boobs, your waist and hips we can do but your boobs, there isnt a template big enough!’ I was like oh shit so now i have to make a smaller corset that would fit my friend because my boobs are too big to fit into any of the templates that we have. Embarrassment.

And finally, Thursday…
I had a bit of what I call a ‘Mia Moment’, which comes from my friend Mia (South London). Mia is so clumsy that she literally falls over her own feet all the time and everything she does it’s just like ‘wha….how….why….what on earth happened there?’ and she just replies by laughing at herself like an idiot. For anyone that knows Mia, they’ll know what I’m talking about and if you don’t, well go and read her blog! (the links further up in this) So yes, I had a Mia Moment. We were doing a warm up for running in PE and we were just following the teachers around the j-track (running track of red squishy but quite hard stuff) and i turned my head for like a milisecond to say ‘Hi’ to Katie and Bali, what I didn’t know though was that my friend in front of me called Suzy slows down half way through her run so she slowed down but I kept my pace, not knowing that she’d slowed down. Then, the fatal moment… I stepped on the back of Suzy’s foot and before I even got time to register what had happened, I was rolling on the floor with all these girls feet coming towards me, it was quite scary, I imagine my face was kind of like olaf-screaming-l There were only about 10people behind me though and they all know what an idiot I am so it wasn’t as bad, but still all my friends were laughing at me while I was on the floor with a bleeding leg… Nice friends huh? But yes. Embarrassment.

So that was long but yes, hopefully if anything bad happens to anyone know they’ll remember how embarrassing those 3 days were for me and think ‘ahhh its not so bad….’ Well yes, thats more than enough idiotness for now ๐Ÿ˜€ Bye Bye ๐Ÿ˜€


6 thoughts on “Embarrassment…

  1. Reblogged this on Okaaythen. and commented:
    So I forced (persuaded) my friend Katie to make a blog (sheltered Katie, as you may know her) and in her first post she basically describes how my friends see me…as clumsy. I feel like my readers should read this and stick up for me. BRING OUT THE PITCHFORKS MOTHERFUCKERS!

  2. Now, now Mia, pitchforks may not be necessary, I only told the truth and tbh if they’ve read your blog then they will know what a clutz you are, but they will also know how amazing you are ๐Ÿ˜€

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